Terms of Use

1. User Agreement

By visiting our website www.thenakedmedia.com , you are agreeing and will abide to the terms and conditions that our company has imposed. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions then you should discontinue the use of our website.

2. Privacy Policy

We at Health & Wealth Beauty respect users’ privacy. Any form of personal information collected via use of our website is left confidential and not shared with other parties. Click here for the full statement of our privacy policy which is attached into this page for reference.

3. Law and Governance

These terms and conditions are imposed in accordance to the State and Federal laws of California State and the United States of America. This website is mainly intended for the use of US-based and American citizens only. Any site visitor outside of the US must abide to the laws that this website and its constituents follow.

4. Minimum Age

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to access and use our website. If you were able to browse our website then it should be guaranteed and warranted that you are at least 18 years of age and commits to this agreement in a legal perspective.

5. Ebook Signups and Mailing List

You are allowed but not obliged to sign up in order to receive a free eBook from Health & Wealth Beauty. In doing so, you have agreed to receive emails and notifications from us in the future regarding updates from our company.

6. Email Communication

Health & Wealth Beauty communicates with customers via email only. In case you contact us, it means you allow and agree that you are going to receive an email response from us whether it is going to be in commercial or non-commercial nature. Emails that are of the non-commercial nature may include but not limited to, administrative issues and changes in the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other site developments.

7. Software Usage

Health & Wealth Beauty offers software and programs for site visitors from time to time. If you downloaded any of the software and programs we offer from our site, the software along with the files, images, data contained and produced by the software are licensed to you for personal, professional, non-commercial and home use only. The software development company retains full and complete ownership along with the intellectual property rights of the product. You are not allowed to sell, distribute or reproduce the software or program nor modify, engineer, disassemble or convert the product into a human-perceivable model. The trademarks and logos are owned by the company and their partners. Any form of copying and usage of the following trademarks and logos is punishable by law.

8. User Content

Whenever you post, upload, transmit, perform and distribute any form of content to the site, you are granting Health & Wealth Beauty along with its employees, affiliates, clients and customers non-exclusive license to use such content for personal, professional and non-commercial purposes. They also have the right to use, download, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce and modify such content for their own benefit. All types of User Content posted on the site belong to the user and the website only acts as a medium for such content to be shared.

9. Compliance with the Intellectual Property Laws

As a site visitor, you are obliged to respect intellectual property rights of Health & Wealth Beauty and other users. Laws on copyright infringement and the intellectual rights always govern site usage. You should abide by these laws by not using information and content from the website and other users as if they are your own. Violation of copyrights, intellectual properties and propriety rights is punishable by law. If such act can be traced back on to your User ID upon using our website then you are solely liable for the violation. For more information on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that Health & Wealth Beauty strictly observes, click the DMCA link provided at the bottom of our home page.

10. Inappropriate Content

Any form of content that you post, upload, transmit, perform and distribute in our website should not be of libelous, defamatory, offensive, obscene and pornographic nature. Health & Wealth Beauty also unallow posts that suggest marketing of goods and services including content that promotes solicitation of funds from the company and its users. The company strongly advocates proper online behavior and conduct to its users and will have the right to delete any content found in the website that violates our Inappropriate Content policy.

11. No Warranty Policy

Health & Wealth Beauty does not warrant or guarantee and is not responsible for damage or loss suffered by users while using the website. Users should accept the risk that the company disclaims all warranties including but not limited to service problems and operation errors encountered when visiting the website. This also includes implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and infringement.

12. Limited Liability

The company only has limited liability towards its users and we are not liable for any form of damages that include but are not limited to consequential and incidental damages, profit loss and data loss that suffered out of or that can be linked to usage of the site. The limited liability clause also stands still even if the cause of damage is rooted from a legal conflict such as tort, breach of contract etc.

13. Affiliate Sites

The company has no control, liability and is not responsible for actions and content of third party websites associated with Health & Wealth Beauty. Our company works independently and we do not take responsibility for actions coming from our partners and affiliates. In case users were able to access content and information from third parties via the use of our website, users should acknowledge and agree that Health & Wealth Beauty assumes no responsibility for this content and information except when the company says so.

14. Prohibited Usage

Users can only access and navigate areas of the website that the company allows. Users are prohibited
from access of restricted areas protected by the website’s security features. Any form of violation or attempt to break the website’s security features is punishable by law. We discourage the use of content and data from the company that users are not authorized to access. This policy also covers attempts to test the site’s vulnerability or any associated system or network including attempts to modify the administrative settings which is limited only to the site admin.

15. Indemnity

Users will indemnify the company from all third party claims, damages and expenses including legal theories such as tort and breach of contract arising out of usage of our website and usage of products that we offer via the website. In return, the company has no obligation to indemnify users for any reason. The company is also indemnified from any liability or obligation to people directly or indirectly injured in connection with the website’s operation and the goods and services that the website provides.

16. Copyright

All content found in the website are: Copyright © 2016 Health & Wealth Beauty

17. Severability Waiver

In case there are Federal or State laws or a court of competent jurisdiction that prevents any of our term or condition from being imposed, all other terms and conditions remains intact and in full effect. No waiver from third parties can disable or modify these terms and conditions except when a legal document signed by the Government of United States suggests us to do so.

18. No License

Health & Wealth Beauty owns all of the content found in the website and there would be no chances that a third party acquires a license for using the logos, trademark and content owned by the company.

19. For United States Used Only

Based in Calfornia State, the website is hosted in the United States and the domain is registered under United States. The website is intended for people living in the US and American citizens all over the world only. The company does not acknowledge that the content and services that you have accessed are available or inappropriate to use in locations outside the US. We do not honor the benefits and privileges provided by any other country or state aside from California and United States of America.

20. Amendments

The company upholds the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. In case the company looks forward to change any of the terms and conditions mentioned above, we will provide subscribed users an email of the proposed amendment at least 15 days before the change is going to be implemented. We will also announce via our website along with our social media accounts regarding the upcoming amendment/s.

21. Payment Options

The company only accepts payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

How to Make a Purchase

If you want to avail of our products and services as described on the website, you need to provide some personal information and the mode of payment is via credit card. You acknowledge that all information given to us are accurate and updated. You also agree that you are willing to pay all of the fees involved such as taxes, shipping fees, processing fees etc. in all transactions that your account is going to make. The company will charge your credit card account once the item that you have purchased from us is shipped. Tax is collectible on orders shipped to AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NM, NV, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD.

You are allowed to avail of products and services from the site for personal use only. Any form of redistribution and resale of our products and services is against our company’s terms and conditions. We cannot assure that the products and services purchased from us are applicable for use outside of US. Site access from areas outside the US premises is strictly prohibited. It is your sole responsibility to make sure you follow laws and regulations involved in the purchase, acquisition and use of any product or service from our website.

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